Hi, we’re Rethink Hello

Hi there!  We’re Rethink Hello, a small team of people trying to make a big difference for the Gospel.  We are founded by Joshua Cook, former lead developer at Elevation Church, and DJ Tirpak, former designer for Elevation Church.

Our story started after our time at Elevation Church, when we both started working for a very large digital marketing firm that served huge national brands.  We saw from the inside how digital marketing was able to reach so many people, and we knew first-hand that churches didn’t always know what they were doing when it came to reaching people in the digital space.

So we started Rethink Hello as a way to share the knowledge and techniques we have learned with ministries around the world.  We want ministries to rethink their approach to digital, rethink the way they are communicating online, and rethink growth.

We have one mission: to help churches grow through digital strategy and practical insights.

We’d love to say hello.  Want to get in touch?